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tile & Grout SEALING questions & ANSWERS

What type of sealers do you use?

Many sealers out there are Acrylic, Silicone or Teflon that will and can wear away after time, our sealers were developed to last up to ten years with proper maintenance

How often do I need to seal my floors?

If your grout has been properly sealed and they are not using one of the sealers mentioned in “What type of sealers should I use” your floor can last up to ten years, however, to keep it looking amazing like the day we sealed it, we would recommend around 5 years. 

Are your sealers safe for plants and the environment?

YES! All our products are safe for your pets and the environment. 

Can you seal my driveway?

This is a question we get asked all the time. You would think we would just say "Sure, we can seal your driveway!" Believe it or not, many companies in our space will answer just that.

When it comes to sealing your driveway and/or patio, there are many variables that go into outdoor sealing. If you've walked around your neighborhood, you may have noticed some driveways look like they have a white coating or milky look to them.


That usually happened from someone who is not an authority in that space. An authority would be someone who is solely focused on that one service. For us it is grout sealing.

So… the short answer is NO! We don't seal pavers. However, I do know the VERY BEST COMPANY in Southwest Florida when it comes to sealing your pavers. Paver Protectors is the authority in that space and we solely recommend them. Did I mention the owner is my brother? :)


So if you need your driveway sealed in Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita, Cape Coral and surrounding areas, please reach out to Jeff Evers with Paver Protectors (Let them know his little brother recommended him). (239) 288-0705.

How long after you seal my tiles can I walk on them?

You can walk on the floors in about 20 min, however, we recommend not walking on and or sliding furniture around on them for an hour or so. 

Are your sealers slippery?

Once dried, our sealers are not more slippery than your current floor. We are sealing the grout and that is porous.

Will I be able to clean and maintain my floors after sealing?

Absolutely! Wet mop and towel dry.

Will your sealers change the color of the tiles and grout?

Our Color- sealers can either totally change the color of your grout or bring back its natural color.

How long after you clean the grout can you seal it?

Our sealers can be applied almost immediately after the tile and grout have dried. Typically 20 min.

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