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Before - Color Sealed Grout - Fort Myers

When it comes to maintaining your newly colored sealed grout, the maintenance is fairly easy. 


Simply use a PH Neutral floor cleaner (stay away from alkaline and bleach products) you can wet mop the floor and then immediately go over it with a dry mop.


Remember: Our color sealers will protect your grout from staining, however, floors still get dirt and require some attention.


Most of our clients take advantage of our "5 Star Maintenance Program" insuring that their floors stay clean year around.

For you do it yourselfers, we leave two things after every job:


  • ONE a happy homeowner, and

  • TWO, a complimentary bottle of our floor cleaner which is a fantastic way to insure your floors stay clean in between our visits!

Can you put a new color over any color?

The short answer is YES! Although putting a light color over a dark may need a few extra passes with the light color and could take a bit longer.  

How long will the colors last?

Our color sealers are super durable and designed to last; typically, users are seeing with proper maintenance 5 to 10 years.

How do you clean the re-colored grout?

Simply mop and towel dry or dry mop. *Make sure you are using our cleaners or a PH balanced cleaner.

How much does it cost to replace?

Cleaning, sealing, and re-coloring your grout can give your home that much-needed upgraded look without hurting the pocketbook. A typical re-coloring job is around 1.09 per Sq. Ft, compared to typical floor tiles ranging from $2.00 to $7.00 plus installation ranging anywhere from $5 to $10.00 per sq. ft.


We recommend having us come out for a free estimate and we’d be happy to do a sample area so you can decide before making a HUGE purchase.

Does the colored grout repel staining?

Absolutely! That is exactly why the product was created.  So many people struggle trying to keep their grout clean, in the past if you had a stain on your grout you would either have to live with it or get it re-grouted.

Can you put a new color over a pre-color sealed floor?

Yes! No problem, as long as the floor has been properly cleaned and prepped.

Can I pick my own colors?

No problem! We can come out to your home and show you the colors we would recommend. Have a color in mind? We can match any color to your liking. 

How do you handle loose or broken grout?

When it comes to “little” problems such as loose or chipped or cracked tiles, we can do small on the job fixes on the spot.

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