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Hurricane Ian Floor Cleaning & Recovery

Hurricane Ian Floor Cleaning 04 - Tile & Grout Clean, Seal & Re-Color.jpg


Hurricane Ian Floor Cleaning 03 - Tile & Grout Clean, Seal & Re-Color.jpg


The impact from Hurricane Ian is being felt by so many in Southwest Florida. Living here since 1993, I have seen so many changes and improvements made to our beautiful paradise!

I know right now it has been so difficult and devastating for you and so many of our clients.


Just know that SW Floridians are a STRONG bunch!


We will come back from this better than before. Together we can do anything.


When I started this Spot On Tile & Grout Cleaning, all I had in mind was beautifying floors and leaving my clients happier than I found them - with perfectly cleaned floors and brand new looking grout!


We are here for you and still striving for those same results, it’s just taking a bit more scrubbing, as you can see by the pictures on this page.


How we can help you — 

Cleaning - We are using a five step cleaning process and delivering amazing results, giving you peace of mind knowing your floors are cleaned and disinfected.

Here's our 5 step cleaning process — 

Step 1: Pre soak the floor using one of our strongest floor cleaning chemicals.

Step 2: In most cases we are pre-scrubbing the floors with a buffer machine to loosen and soften and dirt, debris and, in some cases, now, drywall debris.


Step 3: In most cases, we're using an acid based cleaner, applying to small areas and using our floor machine (high pressure, high heat, and scrubbing power) to assure we are getting all debris and filth that Ian brought into your beautiful home out.

Step 4: We are using portable fans to expedite the drying process (our surface cleaners have a vacuum built in so there is very little water left on the tiles).


Step 5: We are applying a topical disinfectant that will kill 99.9% of anything that still may be on the surface, this assures your floors are safe from contamination. (We expedite this process with fans as well for drying.) 


If and when you are ready for us to come out, we are here for you and your family….and your floors! 😉

Your neighbor,


5 Star - Tile and Grout Clean, Sealing a
Hurricane Ian Floor Cleaning 02 - Tile & Grout Clean, Seal & Re-Color.jpg


Hurricane Ian Floor Cleaning 01 - Tile & Grout Clean, Seal & Re-Color.jpg


October 2022 - Hurricane Ian Floor Cleaning and Restoration Review.jpg
October 2022 - Hurricane Ian Floor Cleaning Review.jpg
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