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Color Seal Warranty

Spot on tile & Grout LLC stands behind their work and offers a 5 year warranty.


Warranty covers any peeling, flaking, fading or bubbling of professionally applied color sealers. (This does not cover any sealers applied by home owner from sample left after job)


If any of the above issues occur, we will be more than happy to come out and remove and reapply color sealer at no cost.


Color sealer warranty is void if homeowner or client has not been maintaining their floors with recommend cleaners (Neutral PH floor cleaners).

Although our color sealers are the most durable sealers on the market, they WILL STILL get dirty, please clean the floor thoroughly before requesting a warranty check. (Customer will be billed a trip charge of $150.00 if it’s a cleaning issue).

We truly appreciate you and your business and are HAPPY to back up our work.

  • Exclusions - Molecular bonding (usually seen on porches from metal cages), damage from excessive traffic (usually office chairs, on wheels, that are rolling over grout lines), companies other than Spot On cleaning the floors with chemicals and or high pressure.

  • Grout lines that are not recessed below surface, typically after a repair or poor installation.

  • Cracks due to foundation of home settling. 

  • Hurricane or flood damage of any kind.

  • Cleaning with anything super abrasive, all that’s needed is a mop.

Jason Evers/Owner Operator

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