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How do I properly maintain my tile floors after they have been color sealed?

Maintaining your newly sealed floors is a snap since our product was created to repel staining, simply use our complimentary PH balanced tile cleaner.


All you need to do is wet mop on and towel dry, no heavy-duty equipment or steam cleaning needed.


If you don’t want to do it yourself; we would be happy to put you on one of our maintenance programs!

Are your cleaning products safe for my pets?

100% absolutely! We know how important these family members are, and that’s why we are only using “Plant, Pet, and People friendly products.

Is it okay to use pressure on my tiles?

You may have noticed while you were doing your research on tile and floor cleaning products and services that a lot of companies use the wording “TRUCK MOUNTED” equipment.  Are they using “HIGH” pressure?  Not if the company is using best practices. 


We use heat and pressure during the “initial” cleaning. It's very important that you understand that it’s the first cleaning and not regular cleaning. 

Once the sealing and/or Color Sealing has been applied to the grout, there is no need for high pressure, you simply wet mop and towel dry or dry mop. 


High pressure can damage the tiles and the grout, the combination of experience, heat and monitoring your pressure levels is the key to a healthy happy floor! ☺

What type of equipment will you be using? 

Great question and one of the MOST overlooked questions, I believe. 


First, let us explain that you CAN clean and seal your tile floor using simply a buffing machine and a shop-vac – some companies actually use this as a marketing tool stating the reason they can offer cheaper pricing is that they didn’t need to invest the minimum of $20,000 in high costly truck mounted equipment.


Being a business owner who is always conscious of cost, service, and profitability. I immediately got excited about starting a company with such minimal overhead, and then I started doing some in-depth research on the pros and cons of each process. 


Here is what I found, there is no comparison between a floor scrubber and shop-vac that you can purchase from Home Depot and professional truck mounted units like the one pictured below. 


95% of our professional industry is using this type of equipment or something similar. It’s the only way to truly penetrate the oils and stains in your grout by using heat and light pressure.

So the main question I would ask myself is, am I getting a better deal now, or could this potentially cost me more money down the road?

How often do I need to clean my tile floors?

Once we have finished our clean and color sealing of your floor, we recommend cleaning regularly, it’s important to know that the “Tiles” will still get dirty, the grout, however, is protected from any staining.  If you are one of our clients make sure and use the complimentary maintenance cleaner we provide.


If you are not a client of ours, make sure you don’t use ammonia, vinegar or bleach. They could damage the grout and or color sealers.

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